About Elfpath

The world is changing fast - you may have noticed it. There is a lot of uncertainty out there, a lot of anger, fear and confusion, but also a lot of possibility. There are new energies coming into our world that are awakening gifts in all of us, and with them comes an increase in personal power and sensitivity. Elfpath is here to guide you through this transitional period and help you discover a greater awareness and a fuller understanding of yourself - not by giving you definitive answers, but by giving you the tools to answer your own questions and develop your own gifts.
Many of us feel that there is more to life than what we have been doing so far, that we are here for something bigger, something more important that we just can't reach. Elfpath offers you information on a wide variety of meta-intuitive topics, a place to share ideas and find like minded people, a series of very practical courses to teach you to do energy work and to use your intuition, and most importantly, how to find out who you truly are and why are you here. Our team of intuitives are happy to give you personal guidance where ever you need it on your path to becoming healthier, happier and more in control of your own life.  A solid base of knowledge and experience. We teach a wide variety of topics, including chakra work, sensing energies, finding your true self, increasing your awareness, scanning, energetic and mental healing, discovering your purpose in this life, past life recall, but also dealing with emotional problems and relationships and much, much more. See our wiki (still in progress) for more topics. Contrary to most other schools and academies out there, who teach only one or two areas of expertise, we teach a full scope of the meta-intuitive arts. All of these arts are tightly interconnected and all come from the same basic tenets: Awareness. Integrity. Much like once you learn the alphabet, you can write many words, our classes will teach you the letters of the meta-intuitive. Our material is all based on decades of exploration, study, and experience teaching literally tens of thousands of students. This way, we are sure we can offer you all the tools you will need to accomplish your goals.