How does Elfpath work?

 How Does Elfpath Work?

It's easy.

We teach a two-hour class once a week. During this class, one of our teachers will talk with you about a certain topic, and then give you an exercise to practise during the rest of the week. On our forums, we ask you to keep a journal with your findings for that exercise, so that your teachers and fellow students can see how you're doing, offer advice, or get new ideas.

After about half a week, there is a midweek checkup, also of two hours. If you have questions about the exercise, ran into difficulties, got results you're not sure what to do with, or if you just want to share your experiences, you can do it at checkup. This is also where your teachers will give you some more info, clarify things, or help you with personal problems if you need it.

Our classes are highly interactive, and you are very much encouraged to speak up, give your opinions or ask questions. Since all students and teachers are actively involved, you will quickly develop a close relationship with your classmates and fellow students. We require all our students to be civil and treat each other (and our teachers) with respect and kindess. Whatever personal matters you want to discuss with any of us, you are safe.

In many ways, we are more like a martial arts school than a regular school. There is no required reading, no grading, no pass or fail. Everyone goes at a pace that is comfortable to them. We work with a belt system to let you and us know where a student is in their progress.

We teach our classes through Skype, a free and easy to use program. You can download Skype and create an account in just two minutes. Once you have an account, add rohaa_ to your contacts. Skype lets us have wonderful group conversations. Once you are added to a group, you can read everything anyone in that group says. If you're offline and missed a class, checkup or discussion, no problem. Skype will show you everything you missed as soon as you sign in again. We only use chat, so you do not need a webcam, headset, or speakers. Sometimes, optionally, we do an audio Angel seminar, for which you will only need speakers.

You do not have to do anything complicated to become an official student at Elfpath.

You sign up by sending us an email, adding us to skype and saying hi. We'll take it from there and get you set up. We are used to students from different time zones, so specific class times are flexible and can be coordinated with your classmates.

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