When is Elfpath for you?

Whenever you are at a point in your life where you feel that there is something you're missing, that you're not happy the way you are or you don't like the way any of the things around you are working out, and if you're serious about changing that, Elfpath is for you.

In our community, you will find people from the new age scene who have talked about energy for many years, people with natural gifts who want to learn more about using them, but also people who have never heard of energy work and intuition before and who didn't care about it before they started at Elfpath, people who had no experience but were curious to see what it was all about, and people who had no other interest than to get over a traumatic experience.

You can be any age and from any country. You can be a teen having trouble with growing up, a married couple with relationship problems, an intuitive who wants to increase their skills, or just someone curious about what's out there and wanting to learn more. You can have any religion, or none. You can have years of experience working with energy, or not even believe it really exists.

There are no requirements other than a few very simple things:
You have a sincere desire to learn.
You are willing to try exercises and do the work.
You have an internet connection.

We have students ranging from 4 to 60 years old, and from all walks of life. No matter what your background is or what you are looking for, you will fit in perfectly and find like minded people here.

If you identify with any of the following characteristics, you will find that Elfpath can make a big difference in your life:

People's reactions confuse you.
You get feelings that you can't explain.
You feel like you don't know who you are anymore.
You want to have a few handy tricks that can help you live an easier life.
You feel your life is out of control and you want to take control back.
Sometimes you just "know" things that turn out to be right. When you ignore these feelings, you often wish you hadn't.
You've heard about 2012 and want to know what the real deal is and how you can prepare.
You think you're not living your life to your full potential.
You feel like if you really focus yourself, you can make things happen that wouldn't ordinarily happen.
You feel anxious around people.
You are interested in or have experienced paranormal activity (ghosts, auras, etc).
It seems like you are living the life someone else wanted you to live sometimes, instead of your own.
You want to understand more about how the universe works.
You want to be able to tell when someone's lying to you.
You feel like you want to make a big change in your life but you're not sure to what.
You want to start winning money in the lottery.
You want to know what your purpose in life is.
You have very strange dreams about places you've never been before, or of visitors from outer space.
You get intuitive impressions sometimes but you don't know what to trust or how to interpret them.
You've been sick for a long time or keep getting sick and no one seems to be able to help.
Fear or anger are running your life and you want it to stop.
You want to understand why people around you act the way they do and avoid getting dragged into their scenes.
You would like to start attracting good things and wonderful people into your life.
You can't get along with your family, or you don't know what to do with them at all.
You want to know what is causing all the chaos in your life and how to solve it.
You want to have more awareness of the worlds inside you and outside you.
You're interested in the idea of having meta-intuitive gifts and want to know what yours are.
You have an indigo or crystal child and want some help in understanding them.
You have dreams and passions that no one around you understands, or that you can't talk about.
You want to learn to find your own animal totem and work with it.
Your life is a mess and you want to fix it.
You want to be able to help others and really make a difference in their lives.
You feel like relationships or business partnerships are constantly failing and you don't know why.
You want to conquer your past and control your future.
You feel like you're constantly tired or drained, especially after talking to certain people.
The spirits of people who have died sent you a message, or you would like them to.
You find you can't show your emotions even if you want to.
You want to get rid of emotional and energetic blocks and live healthier.
You would like to get to an alpha state of mind on your own.
You have anxiety disorders or depressions.
You remember past lives or would like to remember them.
You're looking for a community where you can always talk to someone.
You want to get in touch with your inner child.
You have problems with motivation or getting things done.
You often feel alone even when you're in the middle of a group of friends.
You want to recognise when you are being used or not.
You meet someone and feel strangely connected to them in some way.
Strange things that you couldn't explain have happened to or around you.
You have some form of gift and want to learn to use it more effectively.

(This list was put together entirely by our students of 3-6 months)

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