What Does Elfpath Offer?

First and foremost, Elfpath is a school, a place where we teach you a process to open up your own intuition and deal with problems in your life. We offer you a chance to develop your meta-intuitive skills (yes, you have them too, and you can learn to use them effectively), access to a lot of teachers and fellow students to help you as you go along, as well as learning materials and classmates to have fun with.
For our students (that is, everyone who signed up for our Introduction Course or beyond) we offer the following:
A solid base of knowledge and experience.
We teach a wide variety of topics, including chakra work, sensing energies, finding your true self, increasing your awareness, scanning, energetic and mental healing, discovering your purpose in this life, past life recall, but also dealing with emotional problems and relationships and much, much more. See our wiki (still in progress) for more topics.

Contrary to most other schools and academies out there, who teach only one or two areas of expertise, we teach a full scope of the meta-intuitive arts. All of these arts are tightly interconnected and all come from the same basic tenets: Awareness. Integrity. Much like once you learn the alphabet, you can write many words, our classes will teach you the letters of the meta-intuitive.

Our material is all based on decades of exploration, study, and experience teaching literally tens of thousands of students. This way, we are sure we can offer you all the tools you will need to accomplish your goals.

A result-giving program to walk you through each of the steps easily and quickly.
In order to become more aware, you need to first clear out the things that are making you unaware at the moment. This can include energy blocks, physical problems, deep childhood traumas, mental attitudes that are holding you back, or out of control emotions. Usually, these problems do not come alone. Therefore, our courses lead you through a carefully constructed program that teaches you the tools to start clearing out these blocks one by one. And if you need a hand, we will help you.

Regardless of your interest, each of our classes will teach you something that - if you are serious about using it - will really help to improve your life. If you have problems with emotional or physical things, the energy and intuitive work you learn will be an incredible tool for that. If you want to develop your gifts and do amazing and seemingly impossible things, you will need to deal with the emotional aspects as well to be able to properly use it.

A forum to share ideas with other intuitives and find their experiences.
In our forum, can not just talk about all sorts of meta-intuitive things, discuss topics you find interesting, ask for information, and share strange or disturbing experiences you've had. You can also practise your own intuitive abilities in our Daily Scan thread, ask for intuitive advice from the others on everyday problems - or give it! - and once you've signed up, you can read the journals of all of our students and read first hand about the progress they are making and the work they're doing.

Free readings and energy healing where needed.
We aim to see all our students become independent meta-intuitive experts. This includes the ability to find your own answers to your problems through a very powerful Elfpath-only tool called scanning and to be able to do energy work and shape your life on your own. For this reason, our program has a very practical angle: everything you learn here, you will learn through your own experience. All the techniques we talk about, you will do for yourself. Our program will let you clear the emotional, mental and energetic blocks that hold you back - and you will be the one in charge of this process, not us. You decide who you want to be, and you do the work to make it happen.

However, you do not need to do this alone. Our process is meant to be easy, light, and fun. You can learn all of these things by figuring them out yourself, but it would take you 20 or 30 years, if you would manage it at all. With the help of a teacher, you can accomplish the same much, much faster and with much less suffering. As long as you are our student, we have teachers and experts of different levels of proficiency available to you almost 24/7. If you're stuck on something, come talk to us, and we'll give you some clarity on your problem and advice on how to solve it. If you're not feeling well or keep running into a block, you can ask us for healing and other energy work. All of this is completely free, without limits, and all part of the service we give our students.

A supportive intuitive community.
Community matters. So many intuitives in this field are trying to get by all by themselves, using natural gifts that just showed up without much, if any training, and without a support structure to help them out when it gets to be too much or too confusing. We are not meant to work alone. Especially in the meta-intuitive field, we are vulnerable when working alone. And we often feel very lonely.

Now that 2012 is getting closer and the energies of this planet are changing so fast, it is more important than ever that we work together. Most of us feel a drive to help other people, to make this often messy and chaotic planet a better place. And it's possible. But only if we stop being isolationists and reach out and connect to the world and the people around us.

At Elfpath, we are creating a network of intuitives from all over the world. We combine our strengths, support each other in our weaknesses, learn from the experience of our friends and meta-family ... and we have fun together. Our "Tea House" community chat and its welcoming atmosphere are valued very highly by all our students.

The ability to scan the answers to all your questions.
You already have the ability to tell, right now, if someone is lying to you. You just don't know yet how to use it. After only three months, you can give any of our students a name they have never heard before, and they'll be able to tell you something about that person. And they'll be right. Since this technique uses our natural intuitive abilities, we will all find the same answers when we go looking. Of course we do. We are all tuning in to the same fundamental energies. Just weeks after learning how to scan, a group of 4 or 5 students will all come up with the same impression independently.

After half a year, our students will have managed an ability called truthscanning, and they can tell you the truth of any statement you put to them. This incredibly powerful technique will let you see through all the lies and deceptions in the world around you, as well as the lies you tell yourself. If you are curious about something, or if you really need to know - you can find the answer. Yourself.

A chance to really see the world around you for the first time in your life
Imagine life as a very busy street, an intersection. There's trafic going all over the place; cars, trucks, bikes, people. And all of those people are wearing blindfolds. The people in the cars, the people on the sidewalks, everyone. They simply were never taught how to look around and see. So you can imagine that those people are constantly bumping into each other, or crossing the road when it's not safe and getting run over by cars. It's certainly confusing and gives a lot more trouble in your life than you need to have.

What we teach you here is to take the blindfold off.

You'll be able to actually see the road. You can see the labels of the street names, and you get to decide where you want to go - and go there without getting run over. You'll wonder at first what's with all the bright flashing lights and all the people buzzing around you (and wow, people look like that?). Since you never really looked, you will probably find some things that you didn't think existed before. A lot of religions and spiritual places try to describe this busy street, give you rules on how to navigate it. Some of them describe the weird things they saw there that normal people don't talk about. We're not going to describe the street. We just give you some things to try so you can take that blindfold off and see for yourself. For the very first time in your life, you'll be able to truly see the world.

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In addition, for people who do not (yet) want to commit to a course but who do need some help, some quick advice for a messy situation, or insight into a problem they are having trouble with, we offer readings. Also open for everyone are our energy activations, and the occasional seminar with our Elfpath heart and guru, Angel.