23 May, 2010

How's your intuition? What?! You think you don't have intuition? Ah, tsk tsk, my friend. We all have intuition... you just might not be listening.

Call it intuition, instinct, insight, a hunch, a sixth sense, or simply listening to your gut.  Hell, call it "spidey sense" if you want. It's not just the realm of psychics or women (ah, the infamous "women's intuition"). There's no need for a turban and crystal ball. We all get those Feelings, a sudden knowing without knowing how. It's a matter of realizing it. 

Intuition is defined as knowing or sensing something without having a rational basis for that knowledge and without effort. Sometimes explained as "supernatural", intuition actually has been studied numerous times by scientists and psychologists. In fact, many people attribute scientific innovation to intuition; in other

It seems that we humans have a lot more brains than we know what to do with. We've all heard, I'm sure, the assertion that we're only using 10% of our brains. We know that we have conscious and subconscious thoughts, and more than likely we've heard of "the right brain" (more instinctive, intuitive) and "the left brain" (more rational, linear). From numerous articles I've read recently, I learned that scientists are coming to the conclusion that much of our thinking is done "offstage", in the subconscious.

Have you ever met someone, and the two of you "just clicked". Or how about those times when you took an instant dislike to a person, place, or situation? It's not always as dramatic as mysteriously knowing you shouldn't get on that plane (though the Lost islanders could have used that little hint!). Sometimes it's thinking of someone immediately before the phone rings - and it's that person! Or maybe you picked up an extra bottle of wine, and you're not quite sure why - but you were glad you did when later that night a friend pops by unexpectedly. 

By now, you may have thought of your own examples, times when you've had that hunch, gotten That Feeling, just known. Now, you just need to listen. Figure out what your "signs" are. Do you see an image of the friend on the phone? Do you tingle somewhere when you meet someone who turns out to be unpleasant? Is there a warm fuzzy when your intuition leads you somewhere positive? Some people may hear a buzzing or other tone, many of us experience a clenching or flipping stomach, while others may sweat, notice a slightly accelerated heart rate, or have a sense that time slowed down just a bit. Whatever your signs, take note. And then wait for them again.

Is intuition always right? Infallible? I wouldn't go that far, nor would anyone who ever was positive that lottery ticket was going to change their lives forever! It makes sense that experience or even expertise in an area will enhance you intuition, though even this isn't going to make someone 100% accurate. I wouldn't advise you calling the cops on that guy who makes you nervous, nor would I suggest that the good feeling you got when you met that woman at the bar means you should pop the question. However, I will challenge you to pay a bit more attention to those intuitive signs. You may be surprised at what they can do for you!

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