23 May, 2010

This blog won't always be Elfpath-centric in that "sign-up, join us!" kind of way. It's just not that kind of blog. But from time to time, I'll share some insight from my journey, or other Elfpath members may come and talk about things that have impacted them in a way they want to share.

I thought I'd tell you a bit about what I learned in the first month of Elfpath studies and why I think Elfpath can be of universal benefit.

First, let me tell you a bit about me. I was raised with an organized religion, Catholicism, and even attended parochial school from first grade through high school. Talk about indoctrination! That was never a good fit. Some of it I took with me, but much was left behind. Ditto my experiences with philosophy, "self-help" books, Wicca, the Celts. I liked a little from everything, but all of nothing, and adapted the things that fit into my personal spirituality. Native American religions and philosophies intrigued me, but then again so did Hinduism, Buddhism, and the beliefs of the ancient Greeks. I also dabbled in "New Age" topics, though will never be a fan of New Age music, nor will I ever fully dive into the culture surrounding so many things deemed "New Age". Yoga gained popularity, and I tried it. I liked it! I attempted meditation, but could never focus enough to consider myself One Who Meditates.

I read The Secret and tried to put it to work (some good results, some non-results).  I believe in a life after this one, but I also believe I have lived before and will live again. There are ghosts here on earth, who haven't moved on - I know this because I have seen them. I feel the energy in the earth when I lie on the grass and watch the clouds move. I feel a bond with the other people I meet, even the ones I am not certain I like too much. Animals are special to me, and I think they have souls or spirits or... something.

Basically, I am someone who is always searching and growing, and I like it that way! I believe, most of all, in being true to myself and acting accordingly.

When I was introduced to Elfpath I read what they were teaching and thought, "what do I have to lose?" Indeed. What is there to lose? But after just a month, so much had been gained!

I learned that everything is energy, and energy is everything. When I lie in that grass, I feel the earth's energy. When I am quiet with myself, I find my own energy. Elfpath has taught me how to feel the energy in me and how to keep it moving in a healthy way. But what does that really mean? I'll put it this way: I am more calm now. I do not feel frustrated or angry or sad or overwhelmed; I do not have the mood swings that were always present before. And if those feelings start to come up, I know how to deal with them. It's not about denial, it's simply about feeling the emotions and letting them keep going without trapping them inside.

I know how to center my energy and keep it there. More New Age mumbo-jumbo? I can see where it sounds that way, but what it means to me is this: I have learned how to avoid taking on the negative or excess energy spewing out of others around me (even on the phone, email, in the news). Elfpath taught me techniques to step around these damaging energies and keep my own nice and clean, calm, and in control.

After the first class at Elfpath, I said "This is like therapy, but better!". It's definitely true.

You know who you are, right? I mean you really know who you are? Right. That's what I thought, too. But guess what? I was wrong.

Surely, I know things about myself. Who else knows me better? But do I always understand my true motivations? Do I understand what I want? Why I want the things I want? Why I don't already have them? Why I don't want some of the things I have? Do I really understand what is possible? Turns out, sometimes I really don't know myself as well as I thought.

Through some of the Elfpath sessions, I have learned how to question things I believe and see if I really believe them - even small things. I'm not talking about the big, existential questions (though if you want to question those, you're welcome to do so). But I question things that I've always taken for granted and have gotten to know myself so much better. I'm not being asked to rebel; I'm not being told to "Question Authority!"; no one is suggesting that I believe anything they say, either, which is sort of the point. I'm simply learning that I need to investigate to see what I really think, want, and believe, and then I need to act accordingly. Elfpath is not about sinking your teeth into someone's hook and swallowing it. It's about investigating and challenging and then being your real self. Now I ask you: how cool is that?

Why do I think you can benefit from Elfpath? Why do I think everyone can benefit from Elfpath?

If you commonly feel overwhelmed, Elfpath may help. If you feel out-of-touch, Elfpath may help. If you are stressed out, Elfpath may help. If you feel lost, depressed, anxious, scared or lonely, Elfpath may help. If you want to improve your dealings with people, Elfpath may help. If you want more direction, Elfpath may help. If you want to know yourself better, Elfpath may help. If you want to learn a little more about your own intuition, Elfpath may help. If you want to feel more calm and in control of your own thoughts and feelings... more balanced, Elfpath may help.

Maybe you're wondering if it's just too "out there" for you? Elfpath isn't asking or advising you to give up your current religious beliefs. Elfpath isn't a religion. It's not a cult or even a philosophy. Elfpath is a school. It's a program that teaches numerous techniques, tools and theories gathered from all over the world. Lots of it will seem familiar, and some of it will be new, but it's all here and presented in a calm, friendly atmosphere. (Hence the motto: "Easy. Light. Fun.") Elfpath teaches techniques and tools that you can use to trust yourself

Elfpath's Introductory class isn't too "out there" for most people. We all have energy, we all have histories, we all have interactions with other people, we all have some kind of intuition. The Introductory course teaches us the best way to use all of these things to the best of our own advantage. To make ourselves better... happier... more. Why would they teach if for free? Because the better, happier, more you are, the better the lives of everyone you touch!

The Introductory course teaches you the things I've talked about here. If you feel like the Intermediate and Advanced Courses are not what you're interested in, that's fine, but I really think you need to give the Intro course a shot.  It's free, so what do you have to lose? I've already told you what you have to gain!

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